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Circulating cardiovascular biomolecules

Advanced mathematical solutions for circulating cardiovascular biomolecules

The discovery of troponin as a reliable marker to diagnose myocardial infarction brought blood-based, circulating biomolecules into the focus of cardiovascular medicine. Circulating cardiovascular biomolecules, i.e. metabolic products measurable in the blood that are secreted by cardiac muscle cells or associated tissues, can reflect biological processes in the heart. Today, due to technical advances, circulating biomolecules have become measurable at high speed and throughput, as well as high precision, in everyday clinical practice. Read more

Computational Human Dynamics (CHD)

Computational Human Dynamics (CHD) – Multimodal Social Signal Processing of Dyadic and Group Interactions

With the new project funding within the DFG Excellence Strategy for a Cross-Disciplinary Lab in the House of Computing and Data Science, Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock, Timo Gerkmann and Frank Steinicke lay the foundation for further interdisciplinary research. The two projects will further explore automatic group affect detection based on multimodal signals on the one hand, and the development of interaction patterns read more


FLIGHT - Federated Learning-Guided digital Health

Prostate cancer is the second-most frequent cancer in Germany and the third most frequent in men worldwide. To classify tumor severity and identify optimal treatment options, tissue microarrays (TMAs) are acquired from the patient's prostate and stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E). The pathologist then grades the appearance of the cancer according to the Gleason grading system. Read more

Inflation narratives

Inflation narratives in large text corpora

The significant and global increase in the inflation rate has fuelled discussions about the possible causes for this development. Justifications in the form of narratives - causal stories and fictions - play a crucial role in the expectations of households and experts about future inflation developments. Expectations, on the other hand, are of great importance in macroeconomic modelling and for the way, macroeconomic dynamics evolve. Read more


MuMokA - Multimodale Modellierung kultureller Artefakte im digitalen Raum

The Cross-Disciplinary Lab (CDL) MuMokA will contribute to the sustainable and reflected digital transformation of the humanities by developing generic concepts for a multimodal modeling and representation of historical cultural artifacts in digital, immersive spaces. As a starting point and exemplary use case for this, we will use the work Ortslinien (Lines of Places) by Walter Kempowski, which has been handed down as a fragment. Read more

Predicting COVID-19 Vaccination

Predicting COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake from Public Discourse: A Machine Learning Approach

Through increasing population density and the encroachment of settlements on animal habitats, human societies are increasingly vulnerable to epidemics. Newly emerging epidemics can be countered through (i) the development of a vaccine or cure and (ii) its deployment to a sufficiently large part of the population. Read more