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Forschung|15 April 2024
CRAMT Project Secures Second Place at Computer Science EXPO

On March 27th, the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hamburg held a vibrant exhibition where ten groups of students showcased their academic achievements through Bachelor's and Master's theses, as well as findings from various projects and internships.

This event provided a platform for students to present their innovative work to a broader audience, including peers, faculty...

HCDS-en|25 March 2024
Jobs im House of Computing and Data Science

We are hiring!

The following positions are advertised to be filled soon in the HCDS

Research Associate for the Project “RESCUE-MATE” § 28 Subsection 3 HmbHG 

Who would like to help with all that digitizing?

Forschung|5 March 2024
Value-Oriented Metaverse

The workshop aims for a holistic perspective on the metaverse, understood as meshed extended reality (XR) worlds that interact with traditional information systems. These digital worlds integrate various technologies, such as AR, VR, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and social media. The metaverse enables an immersive and interactive virtual experience for users in a decentralized environment. XR...

Forschung|11 December 2023
Nine million euros for disaster management project

The interdisciplinary research project "Rescue-Mate" aims to prepare Hamburg for the coming challenges posed by extreme weather events and give implications for densely populated regions. The federally funded project was initiated by Prof. Dr. Mathias Fischer from the Department of Computer Science and Dr. Martin Semmann, House of Computing and Data Science, and is being carried out under...

Veranstaltung|7 December 2023
Introduction to Programming with Python for Computational Science

Lecturer: Hans Fangohr
Hands-On exercises: Hans Fangohr, Henning Glawe and Heiko Appel

The course has been designed for scientists and engineers to teach the practical programming skills that are relevant for modern computational science. The module does not assume prior programming knowledge of participants. The module uses hands-on activities for all participants to exercise and experiment...

HCDS-en|13 November 2023
Jobs im House of Computing and Data Science

We are hiring!

The following positions are advertised to be filled soon in the HCDS:

Scientific software developer & consultant for data science applications § 28 Subsection 3 HmbHG Research Associate as Scientific Software Developer & Consultant § 28 Subsection 3 HmbHG Research Associate Central Digital Coordination for STEM & Life Sciences §28 subsection 3 HmbHG

Who would like to help with all...

Veranstaltung|26 October 2023
Participation in ERC Synergy Grant CultCryo

Whether in logistics, science or air conditioning in the home - the possibility of artificial cooling has a fundamental influence on the world we live in. Yet this "artificial cryosphere" and its consequences, for example for climate change, have hardly been researched to date. The ERC project "CultCryo" aims to change that. It is investigating how the infrastructure of artificial cooling on the...

Veranstaltung|13 October 2023
Google exploreCSR Grant Awarded US $18k to Seid Muhie Yimam for Empowering Female Students in Ethiopian Computing

Dr. Seid Muhie Yimam, from the House of Computing and Data Science, has secured the Google exploreCSR  grant for his project "Empowering Women in AI and NLP: Advancing Opportunities in Ethiopian Universities."

The initiative will provide specialized training in programming for AI, NLP, and Data Science to female bachelor and master students from selected Ethiopian universities. Collaborating with...

Veranstaltung|13 October 2023
Chris Biemann Granted with US $60k Google Award for Inclusive AI Research

To further foster inclusive AI research, Prof. Chris Biemann, from the House of Computing and Data Science (HCDS), Universität Hamburg, Germany, in collaboration with Prof. Adem Chanie Ali from the Department of Journalism and Communications at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, has been awarded a $60k grant from the Google Award for Inclusion Research Program for a project titled "AI-driven...

Veranstaltung|30 August 2023
Digital Total

The two-day event "Digital Total" is organized and conducted by the House of Computing & Data Science (HCDS) of the Universität Hamburg, in collaboration with partners from the scientific platform PIER PLUS and the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg.

Day 1 - Computing & Data Science in the Metropolitan Region

The goal of the first day,  which is co-organized by CDCS, is to showcase and...